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Stone Edge Modifier 500 (5 gal.)

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BENEFITS: ∙Unique Flexural qualities ∙Warranted bond ability ∙Increases bond strength ∙Improved workability ∙High chemical resistance capabilities ∙Reduces cracking potential ∙Moisture tolerant and breathable ∙No voliatile organic compound emission ∙Contributes to USGBC credits under LEED rating system ∙Water clean up ∙Abrasion and wear resistant


Flex-c-ment™ Modifier 500 is a water-based, ethylene-vinyl, acetate copolymer, acrylic modifier to be mixed within the composition of concrete and cement mixes to achieve unique and high quality flexural and bond strength capabilities, as well as user friendliness and workability. Flexcment™ Modifier 500 also creates lasting strength and insulation qualities within concrete and cement mixes. Flex-c-ment™ Modifier 500 should be added primarily to Flex-c-ment™ Microflex product line to be used as a micro-topping over concrete surfaces. Flex-c-ment™ Modifier 500 may also be used within a base coat of Flex-c-ment™ Overlay mix over wood substrates, Flex-c-ment™ Sprayflex mix for spray textures, or a crack bridge system over concrete substrates mixed with Flex-c-ment™ Overlay Mix. Flex-c-ment™ Modifier 500 may also be added to cement-based mixes of concrete, mortars, plasters, and stuccos, to: increase their bond strength; improve workability, adhesion, and chemical resistance properties; and freeze thaw flexibility. Flex-cment ™ Modifier 500 is a mixing additive within concrete and cement mixes for exterior, interior, above grade, and below grade applications. Flex-c-ment™ Modifier 500 greatly reduces crack- ing or crazing permitting applications at any thickness from featheredge to deep fill.


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