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Stone Edge Flex Spray One Component (50 lb.)

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BENEFITS: •”All in the Bag Mix”. No Liquid Polymers to add. Just add water on the Job. •Reinforced With Latest, State Of The Art German Engineered Polymers. •Polymers used are very “hydophobic”. Will not weaken or re-emulsify in standing water. •Many methods of application, i.e., spray texture, stencils, stamps, troweled or free-hand •Warranted bond ability •Moisture tolerant and breathable •Very low influence from concrete vapor emission •Contributes to USGBC credits under LEED rating system. •Abrasion and wear resistant •Low maintenance costs •Wide range of textures and colors •Water clean up

Approximate Surface Area Coverage for Spraytexture: 100-125 sqft per bag of Flex-c-ment™

SprayFlex Approximate Surface Area Coverage for Stampable Overlay System: Applied Thickness:

Coverage: 1/4“ 27 Square Feet

3/8″ 18

1/2″ 13.5


Flex-c-Ment™ SprayFlex Mix is a polyacrylate, modified cementitious, overlay system that can be sprayed upon horizontal and vertical substrate interior as well as exterior to achieve textured, skip-troweled, or knockdown appearance. It can also be applied over concrete, wood or metal to achieve the appearance stone, wood, tile or brick. It is a water-phase elastomeric resin composition incorporating resin primers, cement, cement modifiers, polymers, aggregates. The components are supplied in a 50 lb. bagged mix of polymer, cement, aggregates and additives. All necessary ingredients are contained in the bag with water being added on site. Flex-c-Ment™ SprayFlex Mix is typically used as a spray-texture for flooring, decking, driveway, patio, and sidewalk resurfacing in both commercial and residential applications. It’s use can be enhanced by incorporating the use of pigments, stains, and sealers to finish the coloring and sealing process. Flex-c-Ment™ SprayFlex Mix can be used as a full thickness stampable Overlay system as well as for concrete countertop resurfacing. Flex-c-Ment™ SprayFlex Mix can be installed vertically to form an integral coved baseboard or stair risers. It can be used with stencils, stamps, troweled, sprayed, or worked freehand.

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