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Stone Edge Flex-Seal 2000 acrylic (5 gal.)

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BENEFITS: ∙Keeps concrete surfaces looking new and clean ∙High solids content and superior UV protection creates a highly desired finish ∙Formulated as a very high solids-high gloss sealer, it rolls out smooth with no roller streaks ∙Easy to use, high gloss, and low cost makes this a contractor’s favorite ∙May be applied with airless sprayer or roller ∙Cure and seal that may be applied to damp yet not wet concrete ∙Strenghthens surface area ∙Low maintenance cost ∙Excellent dust proofer ∙Deep penetrating ∙Non-yellowing


Flex-c-ment™ Flexseal 2000 is a UV resistant, high gloss, 30% solids, Xylene solvent based, acrylic copolymer, curing and sealing compound, as well as a dust-proofer for concrete surfaces. Flexseal 2000 offers improved resistance to rain, the sun, freezing temperatures, stains, and other pollutants that sometimes can be hazardous to concrete. Flexseal 2000 forms a superior moisture retentive film on freshly placed concrete. Flex-c-ment™ Flexseal 2000 is recommended for both interior and exterior freshly placed, finished, and aged concrete where a high gloss solvent based curing and sealing compound is specified. Flexseal 2000 can be used on concrete surfaces such as Flex-c-ment™ Overlay, Sprayflex, and Microflex systems as well as driveways, patios, walkways, porches, and interior concrete floors. Flexseal 2000 can be used as a means of dust-proofing most concrete surfaces


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