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Stone Edge Bubble Gum Release

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∙Allows a clean bond break between fresh concrete or overlaying and stamping mats. ∙Allows the contractor to correct mistakes as they stamp the surface. ∙It is residue free. ∙Concrete can be sealed with water base or solvent base sealer. ∙Pleasant Bubblegum aroma. ∙Applied with trigger, hand pump, or garden type sprayers. ∙Slow evaporating.


Flex-C-Ment Bubble Gum Liquid Release is a bubble gum scented, clear, low viscosity, slow
drying blend of evaporating, residue free release agents, that is a liquid bond breaker for the use
in the imprinting process to allow the release of mat-type texturing tools from concrete or overlay
Flex-C-Ment’s Bubble Gum Liquid Release Agent is used to lubribate concrete texturing tools,
embossing skins, or rollers to provide an essay of the tool from the concrete surface.
Flex-C-Ment’s Bubble Gum Release Agent utilizes specialty additives to provide an enhanced
positive release of all types of imprinting tools. Flex-C-Ment’s Bubble Gum Liquid Release Agent
is a release choice for applications where powdered products would be prohibitive, due to risk of
damage to surrounding landscape, buildings, and interior finished surfaces.


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