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New Look Smart Seal AU-25 (select size and finish)

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Approximately 300 – 500 square feet (27.9 – 46.5 square meters) per gallon.

Technical Data Sheet

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Protect your high-traffic concrete jobs with NewLook’s innovative SmartSeal AU-25, an incredibly durable nano-acrylic/urethane top coat sealer for surfaces subject to heavy wear and tear. SmartSeal AU-25 has 25% solids content.

SmartSeal AU-25 dries quickly and, once cured, creates a very abrasion-resistant film that provides weatherproof protection against sun, rain, most acids, industrial chemicals, oil and grease. SmartSeal AU-25 complies with all environmental regulations (VOC < 100 g/L).

Note: If a slip-resistant grit is desired for greater traction, it needs to be applied at the same time you apply the sealer. Read Technical Data Sheet before installing SmartSeal AU-25.

Features & Benefits:
– Water-based, nano-acrylic/urethane
– Superior exterior & interior surface protection
– Excellent blush & early water resistance
– May be applied to damp concrete surfaces
– Hot-tire pickup resistance
– Early block resistance; reduces dirt pickup
– Non-yellowing
– Water-based, eco-friendly solution
– UV-resistant; strong UV-blockers
– Reistant to water, chemicals and abrasion

– High-traffic concrete & masonry
– Interior and exterior
– Residential and commerical
– Retail and restaurant flooring
– Industrial garages & warehouse floors
– Kitchen and basements


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