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Stone Edge Pro-Seal (5 gal.)

BENEFITS: ∙Ideal for vertical surfaces including brick, concrete block, and stucco ∙Applied with low pressure (garden) sprayer, airless sprayer, brush, or roller ∙No volatile organic emission ∙Can be mixed with water-based pigments for tinting ∙Soap and water clean up ∙Moisture tolerant and breathable ∙OTC compliant ∙Strengthens surface area ∙Low maintenance costs ∙Reduces efflorescence ∙Deep penetrating

Stone Edge Flex-Seal Supreme (5 gal.)

BENEFITS: ∙Keeps concrete surfaces looking new and clean ∙Protects against moisture and road salts ∙No volative organic emission ∙Superior “Hot Tire” mark release ∙Resists oil stains ∙OTC compliant ∙Stengthens surface area ∙Low maintenance costs ∙Excellent dust proofer ∙Deep penetrating ∙Non-yellowing CLEANABILITY COVERAGE SHELF LIFE In general, the more aggressive the finished surface the greater the coefficient of friction and corresponding skid resistanc