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Carving Tools & Stamps

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WaltTools Tru-Tex Trowels

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Not an artist? Anybody can do a professional job that you are proud of. These trowels are easy to use and give great repeatable results.

  • easy to use
  • just pick the look you want
  • best used with bubble-gum release to make sharp, clean imprestions

WaltTools Tru-Tex Skins

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There are many great decorative concrete stamps available, or you can have your own custom rubber stamps created for a particular project. Some of the more popular choices include:

  • Natural Stone

Many designers would love to have beautiful stone slabs brought in and pieced together to create a timeless and sophisticated surface. The problem is that natural stone products are very expensive, difficult to transport and work with, and require a lot of labor during the installation process.

With the right concrete stamp and concrete stains, you can create the impression that your floor is comprised of stones that have been carefully and intricately installed.

  • Wood

Wood floors are beautiful and complement many different styles of décor, but they are also difficult to install and to maintain for a long period of time. Patterned concrete mats can be used to create the look of wood, including the wood grain along each panel.

  • Brick

Decorative concrete supplies allow you to create a brick patio, driveway, or any other surface without paying for expensive masonry work. Concrete dyes can be used to create the perfect brick color, and Brickform compatible stamps can be used to create the patterns.

  • Paver or Tile

Properties can achieve an elegant paver or tiled floor without the difficult application or grouting processes. With the help of various concrete stamps, tiles of nearly any size can be formed on the concrete surface.

  • Cobblestone

Stamped concrete mats can even be used to create cobblestone surfaces that look centuries old. These concrete stamps go deeper into the surface to provide the look and texture of raised cobblestones. Of course, concrete stains can be used to give the surface an aged appearance, as well.


WaltTools Tightstack – Vertical Stamp (14×24, 5 pc.)

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Plain gray concrete is boring.  And to be honest, there is very little truth to “plain” when it comes to walls.  Plain gray concrete is often filled with a multitude of imperfections such as lines, gaps, voids and exposed aggregates.  Creating a true plain gray wall would be difficult since it is formed. For horizontal work we have the ability to manipulate the concrete how we want.  Skilled trowelling or texturing is possible.  Since vertical formed concrete has to set in between forms, any manipulation must come after the fact and is often labor intensive and/or costly.

In comes the use of form liners. Form liners are textured inserts that come in many different textures and patterns that will, when attached to the inside of the formwork, leave the concrete with very pleasing effects.