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Surecrete Pigmented Acrylic Sealer (600 GPL.)

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ColorTec Acrylic Sealer is an exterior concrete paint designed for high traffic coating such as driveways and sidewalks. Choose from 30 standard colors or we can color match in 1 or 5 gallons.

Coverage: 160-200 ft²/gal per coat (varies upon substrate)

Surecrete Acrylic WB Pigmented Sealer (1 gal. or 5 gal.) ColorTec

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Acrylic Water-Based (WB) concrete sealer has always been a in-demand product, because of easy and cost of product, and SOLVING two of the biggest issues pertaining to acrylic concrete sealers.

1. Delamination due to constant exposure to freeze and thaw cycles

2. Color instability due to Ultra Violet light exposure.

We color your sealer to your needs with 200+ standard colors. Why color and then seal. Our 1 step process saves you labor time.

Surecrete Dura-Kote Water-Based Pigmented Epoxy (ColorTec 600WB) (1 gal. or 5 gal.)

please call for prices (801)222-0808

1st coat approximately 125 – 175 ft² per gal.  put it on thin: 9 – 13 mils wet; 4.7 – 6.8 mils cured.

For smooth surface or second coat approximately 200 -250 ft² per gal. Again put it on thin :6.4 – 8 mils wet; 3.3 – 4 mils cured