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New Look Nanoset Densifier


Coverage depends on dilution with water, surface porosity, temperature and application methods. Coverage rate is 300 to 500 square feet per gallon. For new concrete, add six (6) parts water. For aged, existing concrete add four (4) parts water.

What makes NanoSet Densifier NS better than silicates or lithium?
– Less expensive
– More reactive sites yields most efficient chemical reaction
– Non-caustic, more neutral pH formula
– Builds up surface density; reacts and bonds with itself
– Rescues damaged and soft concrete
– Bonds to silica in overlayments
– Smaller molecular ion (5 nm) yields efficient penetration

New Look ProteShield Elastomeric Sealer


200 sq. ft. per gallon.      Eco-friendly & VOC Compliant.


A water-based, inorganic elastomeric concrete waterproofer designed to penetrate, seal and protect porous surfaces from water and other liquids. 

Granicrete Slip Resistant Additive (32 oz.)

Dissolves invisible to the eye so that it does not distract from the beauty of your home but  greatly increases friction to the foot.Do you live in a Colder climate or customers who worry about slipping or falling, this is for you.


Resistant Additive into 5 gallons of stain or sealer

New Look Non-Skid Additive


1 lb of NewLook Gription Slip Resistant Additive into 5 gallons of stain or sealer

4oz of NewLook Gription Slip Resistant Additive into 1 gallon of stain or sealer