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Decks & Waterproof Coatings

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Lifedeck LD2 White Cement (50 lb)


White cement mix for smooth texturing.

Lifedeck LD5 Grey Cement (50 lb)


Natural gray cement mix for grout lines, texturing, or broom system.

Life Paint Lifedeck Cement Modifier (5 gal.)


A high solids acrylic-polymer modifier that will give increased strength, flexibility, and adhesion to most cement based products. Makes the cement product more waterproof, more stain resistant and will extend its life.


6460 Polyurea-Polyurethane (5 Gal Kit)


Color: Sidewalk Gray

2 Part 5 Gal Kit


7013 Base Coat 180 Voc Moisture Cure (5 Gal)


The standard Base Membrane used in the UPI traffic bearing and roof coating systems

Color: Sidewalk Gray



7015 Clear 400 Voc Moisture Cure (5 Gal)


Designed to coat concrete, decorative or natural aggregates and wood surfaces for exterior applications. Minimizes dirt and oil penetration.


7016 AL HS Top Coat 250 Voc Moisture Cure (5 Gal)


An abrasion-resistant and weather resistant Top Coat used in most the UPI Traffic Bearing Coating Systems


7016 AR HS Agg Binder 250 Voc Moisture Cure


A low-cost wear surface topcoat used in some of the deck and roof coating systems manufactured by UPI.  Order by color as is it already premixed.


8700 UR-A-Spartic Clear


Covers 100-115 sq ft/gal

Available in a 10 or 2 gallon kit


Color Pack for 8700 (1 Qt)


Tints 10 gallons of UPI’s 8700


UI9801 Accelerator


Available in 1 gal, 1 qt, or 1 pt