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Concrete Countertops

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6″ Applicator Pad


For an ultra-thin, smooth finish

Rinse, vacuum or brush before use

Z Clips


100 per box, 33 sq ft

These clips are used to hold the mesh at the correct height for casting countertops


Alkali Resistant Fiberglass Mesh Reinforcing


50′ x 2′

Reinforces concrete products, ideal for casting concrete countertops

Terra Tint


Pigment additive for concrete mixes, this dry powder will create a fade-resistant color for your concrete

3 lb container (24 scoops), 2-3 scoops per bag

5/8″ x #10 Panhead Screw (200 Pack)


Ideal for holding forms in place for casting concrete countertops


Bendable Square Form 8′


Good for making a radius edge, as tight as 6″

Faucet Knockout


Creates a 1 1/4″ hole for most standard faucets, also creates a 2 1/2″ area 1″ down to install hardware

Fiberglass Mesh


Available in 225 and 700 sq ft


Rock Face Form Liner 8′


Fits inside of CounterForm’s square edge form and gives a realistic rocky look to your countertop


Sink Form


8′ long, self-adheres to most under mount sinks


Z Counter-Screed 28″


Ideal for 24″ countertops, well-placed handles allow for a flat surface against walls

Surecrete Color Pack


1 color pack per bag