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Surecrete Retarder (1 gal.)


SureCrete’s concrete retarder is a safe non-hazardous, water borne retarder for cementitious products. It was designed specifically to slow the set of SureTex, SureSpray, or SureStamp that are seasonally adjusted to “winter” mix design. While a more rapid set is a desirable feature for cold weather or interior applications, “winter” mix can be unmanageable in warmer weather, especially exterior applications. Retarder can slow the rapid set of the “winter” mix.

Fot a contractor, sometimes it is necessary to need slightly more work-time for your surface than what would normally be required. When this is the case, the use of retarder will help to slow the setting of the concrete overlay product. This can be beneficial when trying to apply a particularly intricate design. For homeowners who may have less experience working with an overlay product, retarder can help to give them more work time before it sets up permanently.

Stone Edge Bubble Gum Release


∙Allows a clean bond break between fresh concrete or overlaying and stamping mats. ∙Allows the contractor to correct mistakes as they stamp the surface. ∙It is residue free. ∙Concrete can be sealed with water base or solvent base sealer. ∙Pleasant Bubblegum aroma. ∙Applied with trigger, hand pump, or garden type sprayers. ∙Slow evaporating.

3/4″ x 60 yd. Filament Tape


Utility Grade Filament Strapping Tape is a economical fiberglass reinforced tape designed for the majority of packaging, palletizing and unitizing applications. We use in the creation of Concrete Overlays because the resins, polymers and other additives do not dissolve the tape  The filament tape has a 1 mil polypropylene film which is combined with an aggressive “solventless” pressure-sensitive adhesive which provides excellent adhesion to corrugated cartons and outstanding holding power.