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Cleaning & Preparation

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Surecrete Super Concrete Renovator – SCR (1 or 5 gal.)

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SCR will help open the pores of the surface to increase the penetration and adhesion of countertop sealers.  

RATIO: 2-1 to 4-1 (part water to part SCR)

  • SCR also has the qualities of a profiling and etching agent like Muriatic Acid, but without the related harsh acidic properties.
  • Premier one step surface preparation material
  • All in one: cleaning, degreasing, and profiling and then just mop off

Western Concrete 4″ Crack Chaser

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Angle grinder blades designed to be used to widen concrete cracks so that they can be repaired easier. Won’t chip or crack material. Chases and widens cracks in: Concrete, asphalt, stone, and granite.

Abrasive Grinding Disc (16 or 8 grit; 4.5″ or 7″ Diameter)

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Stubborn paint just won’t come off? Sometimes it’s the right tool that makes the difference.

Won’t scratch the concrete.

Smith Paints Cleaner & Toughener

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A dual purpose product designed for the preparation of exterior textured concrete surfaces to receive Smith’s Decorative Concrete Products and acts as a detergent to clean the concrete surface while it toughens the surface of the concrete.


1 gallon solution of CT-8 treats 250-350 sq. ft. of concrete.

Franmar Soy Gel Paint Stripper

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Horizontal: Average coverage is 125 sq. ft. per gallon (max 200 sq. ft. per gallon)

Vertical: Average coverage is 75 sq. ft. per gallon.